Gavita CT 2000e

Gavita CT 2000e LED 240-400v

Direct replacement for 1000w DE HPS

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Solar Flare 4 foot - 8 bulb

Solar Flare 8 bulb - 4 foot T5 light

4 foot – 8 bulb high efficiency T5 bulbs (Blue / veg) INCLUDED
perfect for seedlings, cuttings and veg stage.
maximum light spread with advanced reflector design

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Secret jardin grow tents

Secret Jardin grow tents

Light proof high quality tents

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Full range of CANNA products

CANNA provides you with the complete product

range for growing your own plants, best yields and great flowering.

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BioBizz Organic Nutrients

Experts in Organic Fertilisers

Tried and trusted Organic Nutrients.

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Global Air Supplies

Global air supplies

Improving environments, increasing yields

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Advanced nutrients

Advanced nutrients

Premium brand Nutrients for highest yield and quality

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Automated feeding, no pumps or electricity

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Secret Jardin

Grow Room Builder
Create Your Own Custom Kit
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Largest Grow Shop in Ireland

D.I.G. Is the largest Grow Shop In Ireland with the largest selection of indoor gardening equipment. When It comes to Hydroponics in Ireland or any other specialized growing material like lights, tents, reflectors and such: DIG has it all! Including GREAT DEALS!

Grow kit bundles

  • Tent: Secret Jardin DP90
  • Light: 2 foot 4 bulb T5
  • Extraction: Internal circulation fan
  • Medium: Seedling mix
  • System: Pots and soil with hand watering
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Propogation kit full
  • Tent: Secret Jardin Hydroshoot 120
  • Ballast: 600w Digital & Dimmable
  • Light: 600w flowering HPS bulb
  • Extraction: 125mm Vents TT125
  • Filter: 125mm Carbon Filter
  • System: Pots and Soil with hand watering
  • Extras: Fan speed controller
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Hobby Kit full
  • Tent: Secret Jardin DR150
  • Ballast: 1000w Gavita unit
  • Light: 1000w Philips Double Ended
  • Extraction: 200mm G.A.S EC fan and controller
  • Filter: 200mm Rhino Pro
  • System: 4 pot Autopot system
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Pro Kit Full