Cash / other

Cash Bank Deposit

A cash bank deposit is a fast & easy way to make payments directly to our bank account. This involves you going into your local bank and filling out a deposit slip with the details that are emailed to you once you make an order, the bank details are also displayed on screen after placing an order. When you fill out the deposit slip you can hand the completed slip and cash to the bank teller. You do not need to provide your own bank details during this process. The bank teller will hand you back a stub from the deposit slip which will be stamped. This can be used as proof of payment. Email us as soon as you can to let us know the payment has been made, let us know the order number and payment amount so that we can match up your deposit with our bank statements. Once payment has cleared the items will be packaged and sent out to you.

Online bank transfer

Online bank transfer is the fastest methods in paying through your bank. When you place an order our bank details will be displayed on screen and will also be emailed to you. You can then use these details to go to your own online banking system and fill in the details to make a transfer for the total amount. As soon as you make the transfer you should email us to let us know. The majority of the time the online payments are instant. Once we verify your payment your items will be sent out.

Cash in the post

Although this method is not advisable, we offer it for those who do not have access to bank or credit cards. If sending cash in the post please use larger bills, don’t use coins. Round your total up and we will include gifts to make up the difference. Ensure that your cash is not visible through your envelope. If it is a thin envelope which you can see your bill through, placing your notes inside 2-3 pieces of blank paper solves this problem. Tape your envelope closed as the adhesive strip can fail at times. Most importantly include your order number inside the envelope, without this detail we can not match up your payment with your order.

You can also fill in your cart online, without registering and then print it out and include it in the envelope with your name, shipping details and phone number.